Thursday, July 15, 2010

Porting OpenBSD to Cavium OCTEON

Since OpenBSD General Hackathon(c2k10), I'm porting OpenBSD to new MIPS device - Cavium OCTEON.
It's SoC for network devices(ex:routers and firewalls), multicore processor up to 16core on one chip(OCTEON II will up to 32core, but I haven't get a hardware).

Main target device is Portwell CAM-0100 for now, but it may works on the other devices.

Working repository is available on, but there's not enough space to commit all codes under /usr/src, so it's only part of the code.
I'll move it to the other place and commit whole tree later.
It moved to

Current status is, we can see OpenBSD credit and also memory size, that it.
It seems virtual memory handling is broken, cannot resolve any virtual address.
The kernel dies at first TLB Miss, and I haven't figure out the reason yet.

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